Saturday, March 16, 2013

My New Baby!!

Have you ever found something wonderful and wanted to run around, waving your treasure in the air screaming ‘SUCK IT, BITCHES’ because you have it, and everyone else doesn’t? If so, you’ll know how I felt today.

The local Catholic primary school holds a MASSIVE fundraising fete each year. It’s a huge day, with the best display of fresh local produce I’ve ever seen, heaps of food, games, crafts – the whole box and dice. It’s always packed and the school showcase some amazing local businesses in return for the donations and funds they donate.

Apart from that, each year they have what I’ve taken to referring to as a ‘Treasure Stall’, because anytime I care to look closely, I find hidden gems, like last year's $15 framed Ken Duncan print. It’s quite clearly an opportunity for the parents of the school to clean out all the crap they didn’t want to give to a charity shop, but can’t be bothered Garage Sale’ing, and there’s always a lot of trash in amongst the treasure.

Kids’ books are 50c each, cheaper than any of the local Op Shops. This year I told the kids to go nuts and we walked away with 15 great reads for $7.50, including some Enid Blyton titles I was seeking and some great new stories for L to sink his teeth into.
Never say no to 50c books!!

Walking round, trawling the crap and chattering away to B, I suddenly spotted it. Dumped upside down in its’ case, you’d miss it at first if you weren’t looking close enough. But I saw it! There was no price tags on anything, so I waved over a parent volunteer and asked him how much for the gorgeous (if upside down) item on his table. He shrugged blankly at me – ‘Make an offer’ was all he said. A quick, furtive conversation with B over how little would be insulting, and B asked ‘$10’? The lovely, wonderful man nodded, money was exchanged and we were away with...


Meet the newest addition to the Sanity family... The Olympia SM-9. The best part is, she’s totally functional – and so pretty!! I spent a good part of this afternoon playing with her, running paper through her and typing very faded sentences with the very old, nearly dead ribbon she has, just to hear the beautiful click. 

She’s from the 60’s, according to my research, and she’s so pretty! Can I typewrite all my blog posts from now on? Take Instagram photos of the pages and post them here? Perhaps no...

What do you think of my new baby? Did you ever have a score as monumental as this?
Think O is more excited than me!

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