About Me

I try to believe I'm a working mum, but I'm not quite sure. I'm a part-time photographer, but I spend a lot of time at home just enjoying being a mother and wife. I'm 25, but feel 32, and am a mother, a stepmother and wife. I love my little family more than anything in the world - it's the perfect size!

I try to be organised and motivated. I want to spend more time cooking and doing fun things with my kids, but besides everything I do, I'm a chronic fatigue patient (I refuse to say sufferer!) so sometimes all I manage is sitting down and praying my kids don't burn my house down!

I'm so far from perfect it isn't funny, but I try to be the best I can at the things that matter. I'm a good mum (mostly), a devoted friend and a generally attentive wife. But I have my moments, where all I want is to be all on my own!!

I'll nitpick anyone for flawed logic, opinions that smack of douchebaggery or their inability to form a proper sentence, but I try hard to handle returned criticism with grace instead of telling them where to stick it. (I'm a bit sweary too. You grow up in a small country town and try not to lapse into the worst of the vernacular!)

Above everything, I try hard. To be the best I can, to give my kids and husband the life I feel the deserve and to stay happy.

My partners in Crime

Husbeast: My very best friend, the man I chose to marry. I'd only known B a little over 12 months on our wedding day, but he is my partner and my everything. He's protected me and made me happier than I had been in a long time. If I'm honest, my desire to blog is a lot to do with NOT venting the frustrations of my life on my sainted man anymore!

Bozo: My stepson. At 10 years old, he's a bit of a handful! He's trapped in the middle of a lot of drama lately, his mum likes to make him a pawn, but we try to protect and love him without fail. I worry about him a lot, because he seems to fall behind, but I encourage him to let his intelligence show.

Boo: My princess, my first baby, my first love. She's 5 and the brightest little button ever. Very tall, very quick and just a little obnoxious. She started school this year, and loves being a big sister. And sometimes, just when she's got me furious for something naughty, she smiles, puts her hand on my cheek and says 'Mummy, I love you' and the whole world is hers.

Diddy: Our baby. Born in 2013, she is the sunlight of all our lives. A beautiful, redheaded baby with cheekiness in spades and far too quick for her Mama's liking!

I hope you'll enjoy coming along on some of our adventures!

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