Friday, May 9, 2014

FFS Friday/Things I Know - Hospital Woes

It’s been a massive week, what with Boo’s operation on Tuesday and all – left me plenty to FFS about, and I now know a few new things, too!

My mother met us at 5.30 on Tuesday morning so we could be at the hospital by 7.30. This meant I was awake at 4.45am. FFS

Boo was so keyed up about everything that she didn’t sleep. Guess who went Mum’s car for the 2-hour trip? No FFS

Having no-one in the car meant I could listen to podcasts and concentrate on driving in the pea-soup fog without ‘Mummy….’ No FFS

There was mild panic at the hospital when I was convinced I’d left my wallet at home. FFS
Boo and her cat 'Didero' wrapped up in her blankie
I hadn’t. My handbag had just eaten it. FFS

The nurses on the ward were just lovely to us, and made Boo feel really special. I’d taken a lot of care to make sure she wasn’t apprehensive beforehand, and they were gems about perpetuating this. No FFS

I know, without a doubt in my mind, that Paediatric nurses are a special breed of amazing.

I was allowed to go with Boo when she was anaesthetised, and watching her little head loll as she went under was a bit of a shock. Actually, a lot of a shock. I burst into tears. FFS

Turns out a tonsillectomy only takes about 20 minutes. I’d barely started reading my book when they were fetching me to go into recovery. No FFS 

At least I’d stayed in the waiting room. One mother had the impression it was a 1.5hour procedure and left to get a coffee. FFS 

Her little Miss 3 was beside herself when I got into recovery. FFS

Boo, on the other hand, took one look at me and went back to sleep…Not sure if this is a FFS or not!

She smashed an icy pole and charmed the nurses before we went back to the ward.

My brave girl.
I know that my Boo is a freakin’ superstar. Not one tear out of her during the scary bits!

When we got back to the ward, Boo realised there was now a drip in her hand. FFS

She said it was hurting, and the nurses told her it wasn’t really that painful. FFS

I spend a fair bit of time in hospital. I know this isn’t quite true. Canulation hurts like a MOFO, no matter what they say. It’s not ‘just an inconvenience’, it’s a piece of plastic hanging out of your hand! FFS

Mum put Boo to rights again by handing over the iPad while she left to do some shopping. No FFS

Cuddles with Gran
I thought I’d try napping while Mum was gone, but the girl in the bed opposite hadn’t handled her operation well and proceeded to throw up and cry loudly for the next hour. FFS

Please don’t think me cold-hearted, I felt for her but I was beyond tired by this point! FFS

Boo intermittently slept, played and hazarded eating until about 6pm when my Mum left. The nurses decided that is was time for Boo to get out of her surgical robe and into her PJ’s.

I know how hard it is to get PJ’s on with a canula in. Boo didn’t. 

Even with a nurse and me helping, she managed to pull it out of her hand. FFS

I knew this before I saw it, she made a hideous gasping sound and burst into tears. FFS

Cue blood. Quite a lot of blood. FFS

She crawled up on me like a koala for cuddles. We hadn’t yet got her PJ pants on. FFS

It took me 15 minutes to calm her down, because she’d heard the nurse say it might have to go back in. FFS

The nurse got hold of a doctor and managed to make an agreement that if Boo drank plenty we wouldn’t need it back in. No FFS

I know how hard it is to get Boo to drink when she doesn’t want to, so we made a plan. She’d be allowed to watch a movie from the ward’s DVD library if she drank half a bottle of water before bed.

I know that movies can fix anything.

Boo slept through the night. I didn’t. FFS

The little girl across from us was awake hourly, screaming and sobbing. Everytime she woke, I was convinced it was Boo so I’d sit bolt-upright in bed panicking. FFS

Not one single time was it her. FFS

She barely woke when the nurses came to do her obs. No FFS

Suffice to say, by the time Mum rang at 6am to say she was running late, I was a wreck. FFS

Boo woke up at 7.30 am sooky and sore. FFS

She didn’t want to eat breakfast, but if she didn’t we weren’t allowed to go home. FFS

Mum got her to eat half a piece of toast. I maintain getting a little girl who just had her tonsils removed to eat toast is just plain mean. FFS

We were allowed to leave in the morning. No FFS

Mum took Boo, so I detoured past our house for a quick shower before I had to get Diddy from my grandparents. No FFS

Husbeast had smothered the fire (our only heat) with a gigantic log, so the house was effing FREEZING. FFS!

Diddy was a snotty, teething and sick mess when I picked her up. FFS

This is what I came home to. FFS
I know that two sick kids amounts to 18 times the work of one. FFS

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  1. Cannulation does bloody hurt, especially when they can't find the veins. poor little boo.
    That toast is mean, seriously why not a bowl of weetbix or some custard??
    Hoping the worst is over now for both of you and there will be no more tonsilitis etc.
    2 sick kids amounts to roughly 40 times the work, I feel for you!! Hope those teeth pop through soon.
    Thanks for linking up!!

  2. I had a tonsillectomy a few years back and it was torture to eat toast the next day - I was bitterly disappointed there was no ice-cream or custard like in the movies! I hope she recovers well and that you are all happy and healthy again soon x

  3. This is going to sound incredibly stalkerish but I swear I recognise that hospital. And if I'm right, yes, the nurses are AMAZING! I hope your little girl has a speedy recovery xx