Friday, January 17, 2014

FFS Friday: Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

Ohai y'all, miss me?

I’m not calling this a heatwave. You know what I’m calling it? I can’t even say the word… FFS

4 days over 42 degrees Celsius… FFS

Crappy air conditioning…FFS

School holidays…FFS

Luckily my little girls have such sweet natures. It isn’t bothering them… No FFS

As part of my post-baby fitness kick I’ve taken up Pole Dancing Fitness… No FFS

I’ve done two classes this week…No FFS

But it’s been so hot my grip is non-existent…FFS

I’m determined to climb that pole!!! 

I’m also walking and using my elliptical machine…No FFS

I shame-ate myself 8kg’s after Diddy joined the world… FFS

My Boo-girl turns 5 on Monday…FFS

I’m twenty-freaking-four…FFS

She starts Big School in less than two weeks… No FFS

Diddy now rolls over, moves backwards and in circles and is trying desperately to crawl…FFS

My house is far from babyproof…FFS

She CAN’T be nearly 5 months already can she?...FFS

She’s also learnt to SQUEAL…Motherfu….

Not the most entertaining post. Too hot to be witty…FFS?!?


  1. Ahhh a squealing baby, delightful!! My baby is nearly 6 months, it is going way too quickly!! I have a school starter this year too. I cannot believe the heat wave you guys have had. I would not be able to move let alone blog if it was that hot!! Hope it cools down soon!! How are you finding the pole fitness?

  2. It has been so hot everywhere I turn...its still cold and rainy here in Wollongong. Funny crazy weather we are having at the moment! Gee they sure grow fast, five months...five years...15 years old....they grow too fast! Wished they had a slow down button ;)