Friday, October 25, 2013

FFS Friday: Mofo took my snacks

Note to self: Never trust trackies
Thought I’d look back through my pregnancy selfies on Monday and marvel at how much smaller I am now...

Turns out, apart from the space where my bump was, every other FREAKING part of me has nearly doubled in size since I gave birth...FFS

I was gonna post comparison pics here, but refuse to take photos of myself right now.

Whoever said breastfeeding helps you drop the kilo’s is a liar. I checked, I’m 4kg heavier than when I gave birth... FFS

I’m walking for an hour at least 5 times a week, how the hell is this happening FFS?

Turns out I’m eating heaps of crap food...FFS

Don’t get me wrong, I buy healthy stuff and it leaves the fridge and cupboard, so I convince myself I’m eating it.

Not the case. Husbeast is eating all my healthy awesome snacks. I, in turn, am eating the CRAP I buy for him, Boo and Bozo...FFS

I’m so tired and busy I don’t even realise I’m not getting to eat all the awesomeness...FFS!!

I now have to find places in my house to hide my goodies so Husbeast doesn’t inhale them in 30sec flat... FFS

If he does, I’m not buying him anymore of his snacks...FFS

No cheese kranskies, no shitty chocolate muesli bars, no Shapes...FFS

As soon as I cut off the crap and decide we’re all on a diet he’ll decide he doesn’t like my snacks...FFS

I’m going to start walking twice a day to try and shed the extra kilo’s properly...No FFS

Because nothing in my closet fits...FFS

And I’ve been wearing Yoga pants every day and hadn’t noticed my expansion... Oh FFS!!

Another Friday, another linkup with Dear Baby G for FFS Friday and With Some Grace to Flog my Blog.

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  1. Well you do lose weight breastfeeding, when baby is about 6 months plus I reckon, but that's because you're so exhausted juggling kids, and they drink more - however it's not always the case. Feel for you - took me ages to lose my baby weight the third time around and even now I battle to keep it off, hang in there x