Friday, October 11, 2013

BabyWearing or Bust

When she was 5 weeks old, I bought Boo her first sling carrier. It was the cheapest Big W had at the time, but we loved it. Boo was a ‘no pram’ baby, if I put her in a pram she’d SCREAM so having the sling was a blessing. She slept in it better than most other places, I could walk down the street with her comfortably tucked inside. I even took her to see the sixth Harry Potter asleep in her sling.

 As she got older, she would sit in the sling with her upper body hanging out, like a little joey in a pouch. She loved smiling at passers-by and chatting to them, a benefit she wouldn’t have had in the pram. Beyond that, I was right there for any little disturbance she had. Thanks to the sling, teething and illnesses were a breeze. No screaming or pining, she knew I was right there and that my hands, which supplied the cuddles, the teething rings, the comfort of all kinds, were never far away.

I’ve since found out that the sling I was using has been recalled by the manufacturer. Much as I loved it, I’ve refused to use it for Diddy just to be on the safe side.

I bought a brand-new sling while I was pregnant with Diddy. A Minimonkey 4-in-1 which I adore, but turns out she hates. She’s not keen on being cradled and would much prefer to be upright, seeing what’s going on or stickynosing at the world around her. She loves her pram for a walk (small mercies), but for around home and doing groceries, I needed something else. I’d read a lot on Dear Baby G about how much Sarah loved her ErgoBaby carrier. More reading revealed all the benefits –the ergonomically correct ‘seated’ baby position, the fantastic weight distribution which I’d experienced using a friend’s a few years back, and the ease of use. So off we went to Babies-R-Us and came home the proud owners of our very own ErgoBaby Bundle of Joy package – the classic carrier and newborn insert. 

Sigh.... I would've loved using this everyday
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And the verdict? We FREAKING LOVE IT!

Diddy was initially a bit cranky at the stuffing around while Husbeast and I worked it out, but once she realised that the carrier meant she could go everywhere with Mummy, tucked in nice and close and no-one was going to try and make her hang out on her own, she became an instant fan, and slept amazingly while I did groceries, laundry and dishes.

The new love of my pics of mine yet, but they're coming!! 

The carrier is easy to put on quickly, and can be done solo. It adjusts easily once on so that Husbeast and I can switch off on big days out without too much stuffing around with buckles and straps. A few quick pulls and it converts from Mummy to Daddy-sized in seconds. I can breastfeed discreetly on the go (once we build a bit of confidence doing it at home) and it’s comfy for both Diddy and I. 

I’m determined to Babywear Diddy as much as possible. Boo has benefited so much from the time she spent hanging out on me. She’s secure in the knowledge that, wherever I might be, I’m still right there. I’m glad we’ve found a piece of equipment we adore to give Diddy that same positive grounding and base to explore from. I’m excited to once again experience the world with a baby hanging off me, being adorable and charming people, giving me love-looks and being my little companion.

Note: This isn’t a sponsored post. I’ve just fallen in love with the Ergo product and wanted to share my amazing experience so far!


  1. I had a baby carrier with my first but started using it quite late on really and I am now preg with number two and looking forward to doing the same but right from the start.

  2. Woohoo, spreading the babywearing love! I'm in Melbourne for the Babywearing Conference this weekend, so much fun! I'm glad you're enjoying the Ergo :D

    1. There's a Babywearing Conference?? How did I miss this!? I'm hoping to start a Babywearing group closer to home, the nearest right now is 1hr drive away :( Enjoy Melbourne!

  3. We were going to get an Ergo, wished we had - but I was too tight!! Go visit Zanni over at My Little Sunshine House, she wrote about this today!!