Friday, October 4, 2013

FFS Friday: Booby Bitching

Diddy is feeding C O N S T A N T L Y ...FFS

I don’t mean a feed every few hours... I mean 5 minute snacks so that each feed lasts 2 hours and they all run into one another...FFS

This would be fine, except the past 2 weeks have been school holidays, meaning Boo home all the time wanting things like food...FFS

Husbeast devised a plan – put out ALL her snacks at the start of each day and let her help herself when she’s hungry... No FFS

This was a fantastic plan until we realised that 4 year olds have no self control...FFS

She ate everything within an hour...FFS

5 minutes later, ‘Mummy, I’m starving’... Mofo FFS

Despite the constant feeding, thanks to my darling tiny girl being a lazy sucker I’m fighting a constant battle with blocked ducts...FFS

She’s 6 weeks old. I’ve had 3 bouts of the dreaded mastitis...FFS

Breastfeeding may be the best option, but it sure as shit isn’t the easiest...FFS

Luckily, I managed to score the mother of all breast pumps on eBay yesterday...No FFS

Someone else fought me like a demon to get it, but I won! ... No FFS

I may, however, have neglected the tiny screaming human for 4-5 minutes while I battled it out...FFS

Told myself it was better for her in the long run...FFS

My boobs hurt...FFS

We’re roadtripping to Melbourne to see one of my favourite friends this weekend...No FFS

And to buy the baby things our little corner of the world doesn’t seem to bother getting – ANYWHERE...FFS

3 kids, 3 hours in a car with no AC, Boo’s DS is dead... FFS

Bozo is going through a phase of antagonising me, his stepsister and everyone around him...FFS

I swear to God, I'll leave him on the side of the road...FFS

I’m stressing that Diddy won’t sleep in a strange house...FFS

Likely she’ll sleep the whole damn night while I lay awake stressing that she’ll wake at any second...FFS

Wish me luck! FFS!!?!

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  1. Aww congrats on diddy, so glad she stayed put for you!! My 9 week old is the same with the constant feeding!! My other 2 have survived on snacks for weeks now!! Good luck this weekend!!

  2. Oh, I can empathise with this. My baby is nearly one and she still has bouts of constant feeding, especially when she has a blocked nose. Hang in there and I hope you can get some help! And some rest!

  3. Bloody mastitis does my head in - I had so often with No.3 and some idiot doctor told me to stop bfing!! Thank goodness I knew better, all I needed from him was antibiotics, I feel sorry for new mums who took his bad advice on board :(

  4. I know what its like to have to roadtrip for basic baby stuff - really sucks when you cant even get a nappy in the town you live in. Hope the Breast feeding gets better I truly feel your pain.