Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Diddy's Here and 6 weeks of turmoil

6 weeks ago, my life changed in ways that, though expected, were totally beyond belief when our youngest, our Diddy, joined the world.

2 weeks old, check the superior little face on her!
I’m still getting my head around her birth story, which I plan to write down and share soon. It was much more positive than my Boo’s birth in so many ways, but the joy at their respective arrivals was all the same. With Diddy’s birth, however, I feel our family is complete. I’m done now, we have the people our family was always meant to comprise.
First photo -  My cruisy little miracle

When I had Boo, I was 19. I hadn’t yet developed the ‘housewife instinct’, the home pride, the organisation, the vanity even. Sitting around with my baby, feeding her and hanging out with her was all I had to do. I didn’t care if my house was a bombsite, I was sleep deprived and sore from birth. I sat around with my baby, let my house deteriorate and got fat. 

Now, at 24, having spent 4 years developing house pride, organising my life into some semblance of order, and working myself back into a size 10, the post-birth weeks have been overwhelming. I have adored every single second with my tiniest princess. I relish every second with her, watching her grow and change. But then I look at the kitchen... or I realise my diary hasn’t been updated in 3 weeks and there is paperwork to be done....or I look in the mirror. And for a split second I wish I had just a skerrick more time to get done all the things I worked so hard to get in order. But then I look into my baby’s big, blue eyes and I realise she’ll only be this age for a very small amount of time. 

The world can wait, right now I have mumming to do.
Loving on my babies

I wasn’t sure I was going to breastfeed Diddy. I was going to express what I could and comp with formula, but I have sensitivity issues and wasn’t able to feed a tongue-tied Boo. My fears got to me, and I’d talked myself out of it. But I tried, for the sake of it and am so pleased that with the help of nipple shields (silicone is AMAZING) I’m managing to exclusively breastfeed my baby girl to give her the best start I can possibly manage.
What could be more beautiful and natural than this?

Every day, I realise how different it is to parent a newborn with a preschooler and occasional tween in tow. We’re in the second week of school holidays right now, meaning I have all 3 babies home ALL THE TIME. Husbeast returned to work a little over two weeks ago, leaving me solo-parenting. It’s exhausting, but I’m learning everyday to manage my time and tasks effectively. I’m even trusting Boo and Bozo to be big siblings who help, and they reward me by going above and beyond to love and care for their baby sister. Especially Boo, who refers to Diddy as ‘my baby’.

Went for a shower and left them watching TV....came back to this...LOVE
I mentioned that Husbeast returned to work. He was offered his old job (which he hated) back after 6 months. He left this job in February for a combination of physical and mental health reasons. But after struggling for 6 months on welfare, when offered the opportunity he went back, with promises of change from his boss. Needless to say, when he returned none of these changes had happened and he rapidly slipped back into anxious and stressed territory again. It is a small mercy that last week a job elsewhere was offered to him, working with a previous employer for whom he has a tremendous amount of respect and with whom he enjoys mutual admiration. This gave him the out to again leave the job that was making him miserable and unpleasant to be around (thankyou, my dear and fluffy Lord) and we’re on our way to a fulfilled, satisfied Husbeast.

All in all, we’re getting there. We’re past the 6-week mark, where things will hopefully start to turn the corner and we’re all working on making that so. I’m doing my best to be a happy, relaxed mummy for my kids and enjoy my precious tiny girl while she’s precious and tiny and I can’t wait to get back to blogging and share all our adventures with you all.

WELCOME TO THE WORLD IMOGEN, born 19th August 2013.

SMILE!! Mummy's back on the Blog!
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  1. Awwww, she is absolutely gorgeous!!! Congratulations! I have been wondering how you were doing. It is such a strange thing, the second child with another youngster already underfoot isn't it! And here I was thinking I was busy with the one. My organisation skills are definitely having to improve by necessity!

    So happy to hear its going well and you're enjoying your precious bundle.

  2. Oh what a lovely introduction to your family! I'm so glad your hubby has found a job that will bring him some joy, and I completely agree with you that your house can go hang while you revel in being a mama for a while!

  3. Congratulations! She is beautiful. I am glad you seem to be having an okay time. And oh, I hear you regarding the troubled husband- we've had a very similar situation! Hopefully both our husbands will be happy in their new jobs :)

  4. Congrats, she is precious! And you are so right about them being young for such a small moment, my youngest is two and the past two years are a blur :( But I suppose that's what happens when you have 3 kids in 3.5years! Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me

  5. Oh congratulations! She is absolutely precious!
    A new baby and job changes is not exactly perfect timing, but thankfully things are looking better now. So important to have a happy daddy xx