Friday, July 19, 2013

FFS Friday: Catch-Up Edition

I’m back!! Again... I swear, I do love to blog, but things have been hectic in disgusting ways so getting at the computer has been impossible. But here I am, just in time for a catch-up FFS, going out in solidarity with the beautiful Sarah at Dear Baby G.

Strap yourselves in, it’s a big’un!

Diddy is still calling my uterus home... No FFS

Offense is being taken at sharing personal space with my internal organs. She’s waged war against them...FFS

I’m 36 weeks. They told me I’d maybe last until 35 weeks, so I’m getting uncomfortable and impatient...FFS

I’m still Braxton Hicksing away for a good part of every day....FFS

I tell ya, with all these ‘practice’ contractions, my uterus better be well-rehearsed for a drama free birth...FFS

Despite measuring ‘small for my dates’ from the outside, an ultrasound this week shows that Diddy is, in fact, HUMUNGUS...FFS

I’m going to give birth to freaking Sasquatch... FFS

Boo (O) has gone from not wanting to know me straight into abandonment issues...FFS

Everytime I get frustrated at her, she bursts into tears and declares ‘you don’t like me anymore, you’re going to leave me!’...FFS

Not sure if being manipulated or...FFS

We have an enrolment interview next week with the local Catholic school...No FFS

I’m not sure I’m ready to have a kid in school...FFS

I’ve checked out of parenting Bozo (L)...FFS

This might sound harsh on 18 different levels, but his mother is using him as a means of manipulating myself and his father...FFS

She refuses to buy him new clothes for her house, and I’m too tired and pregnant to cope with arguing that it’s not our responsibility to outfit him when he’s under her roof...FFS

Beyond that, his mother and grandmother don’t make him do anything for himself, and his personal autonomy is diminishing rapidly...FFS

The kid is 10 and can’t wash himself properly....FFS

I’ve had to check out in self-defence or my brain will explode from the frustration...FFS

Husbeast is still unemployed...FFS

In a way, this is a positive. There’s no question that he’ll be able to come to hospital with me no matter the time of day or night...FFS

However, keeping our heads above water on welfare payments is getting to be exhausting...FFS

I’ve gotten very resourceful with cheap food...No FFS

But the family car (which is as old as I am) probably only has another 6 good months in it...FFS

Husbeast has finally gotten the hint that I'm not moving and started doing the cooking and cleaning I'm no longer mobile enough to manage... No FFS

Did I mention I’m STILL pregnant? FFS

Ohh I missed this. I’m sorry, Sanity-Seekers, I’ll never leave you for this long again!!

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