Friday, May 24, 2013

FFS Friday: Preemies and Withheld Love

Friday’s here again!! We know what Friday means, right boys and girls? Time for Mummy to whinge the day away with Dear Baby G!! Get excited!

Cleaned my house Sunday to prepare for an influx of visitors for an Intimo party... cleaned so hardcore I knocked the wind out of myself...FFS

Halfway through the party, I started to have Braxton Hicks... strong, uncomfortable ones... FFS

Rode them out all through Sunday night and Monday before finally heading to the hospital...FFS

Diddy is perfectly healthy and willing to stay inside for at least another week or two...No FFS!!

But I feel like a nufty for not being able to endure ‘Braxton Hicks’ without the assistance of paramedics...FFS


O still treats me as someone who is only there to feed and care for her between visits to her Daddy’s...FFS

I know she loves her Daddy, but I wish she’d love me a little sometimes, too...FFS

I’m getting paranoid about a 4 year old withholding affection...FFS

Sneaky mini mofo has me conned into ANYTHING to make sure she loves me just as much as Daddy...FFS

I’ve chatted with her Dad about it... he LAUGHED...FFS

Disclaimer: I honestly adore how much O loves her Daddy, and how much he loves her. I'm just whinging because it's what I do!!
After resting in an effort to stop Diddy from making an untimely entrance into this world, all the good cleaning I did Sunday is rapidly unravelling...FFS

And to top it off, I woke up LEAKING at 3am....I’m 28 weeks. It’s too early!!! FFS!!!

So what's got you a little FFS-y this week? 


  1. Hope everything is ok. Tell that baby of yours to stay put. Kids hey, if its not one its the other!!

  2. Oh no :( I'm seriously hoping you just wet the bed a little! Make sure you get it checked out xx
    Sarah @dearbabyg

  3. To hell with the house work, rest up good. I had a little 32 weeker who scared the pants out of me. Housework can be done any time at all, and I'm sure little Miss will come around when there is someone else taking up a little of your attention! I have no doubt that the green eyed monster will appear and she will suddenly want more of you than ever!

  4. I always knew cleaning was evil, and this is proof. Trying to mess with procreation. It is evil I tell you, evil!

    Seriously, take it easy. Attempt to enjoy the remaining weeks. I would be milking it for all its worth, helpfully lifting my feet when Hubby wanted to sweep/mop/vacuum around me.