Friday, May 3, 2013

FFS Friday: The Comeback Edition

I’m back in fine form this week for a little whinging action... strap yourself in!

I love Grumpy Cat much too much

This week kicked off with a bang. On Monday, prior to returning L to his mother’s after two weeks of school holidays, he put in a request to be allowed to take home some Zucchini Slice for school lunches...No FFS

I made said Zucchini Slice, bagged it up and it was taken with him. He greeted his mother with ‘My lunch is all set for the next 5 days! Tara’s made sure I get fed’...Obnoxious mofo...FFS

His mother wasn’t particularly keen on this, as I’d known she wouldn’t be, but I suspect my cherub’s turn of phrase will give me another good month in my position of AntiChrist...FFS

Tuesday, B and I discovered a call bar on our mobile phones...FFS

This, despite trying to arrange a payment plan to stop this happening, an option we were told ‘Telstra doesn’t offer’...FFS

When we spoke to someone Tuesday, we were told this kind of plan WOULD have been an option, but now that barring was in place we’d have to pay the full overdue amount to remove the bar...Oh FFS

I got rather...heated... with an operator, who hung up on me. We’re now waiting for our formal complaint to be processed... FFS

All this happened four days before payday, so it’s been very quiet in the Sanity household...FFS

Paying this bill out will bite into 60% of our grocery and fuel budget, so looks like a lot of Scrambled Eggs in our house for the next two weeks...FFS

O’s Daddy cancelled her weekly sleepover visit due to having the flu....Not a FFS

This meant that, instead of my Friday morning sleep-in, I was awake at the crack of 6.30 with a preschooler seeking breakfast...FFS

So I’m looking down the barrel of a Friday full of...FFS!!?!

It's a lovely day to link up for a whinge with Dear Baby G, the Queen of FFS!


  1. You're taking the lack of sleep in very well. I would be whining for Australia. Well done!

    1. Ohhh trust me, I sooked like the overgrown child I was.... O's father mercifully called at 10 and said he was well enough to hit the park with her... I threw her out the door at him and had a nap on the couch, coz that's how I roll

  2. Glad to see you back!! I ove the innocent things kids say!! Telstra are complete asses!! I hope bedtime comes quickly for you today!!

    1. Telstra ARE complete asses, finally paid the bill and had our bar taken off, but not until we were made to feel incompetent and full of fail for not paying it in the first place...because B's unemployment was apparently something we volunteered for FFS??!?
      We've lodged a complaint :)