Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I Must Confess... Easter 2014

I honestly remember very little from Boo’s first Easter. 

I was exhausted beyond reason, my relationship was falling apart and she was just too young for any of it. I have one grainy photo of me smooching her while she wears a bunny suit. She still has the Peter Rabbit toy she got, and I can be fairly certain that we went to the local Easter Market and it was bedlam. But apart from that it’s mostly darkness, mixed up with ‘could’ve happened’ events.

This time around, I’m much more together. For a start, there were 3 kids to deal with – one has worked out the Easter Bunny’s secret, one is a 100% believer and one is just old enough to be wanting to steal chocolate. So we did it up right. New jammies and treats from the bunny, eggs all over the place, another trip to the Easter market (it’s still bedlam. The town quadruples in size over Easter, it’s a huge tourist/camping destination) and then I gave Diddy her first chocolate. But to ensure I didn’t forget all those precious memories again, she had her first chocolate with studio lighting and my work camera aimed in her direction.

Here’s the results!

All Images Copyright TrewBella Photography 2014. All Rights Reserved.

There’s many things about Boo’s first year or two that I can’t get back. Circumstances have meant that my memories are shaky and my organisation from that time isn’t fantastic. I’m tied to the little things – a smell, an item of clothing and so on. I can’t fix that, but I can hold my memories. And I can make sure that I preserve Diddy’s for all of us. 

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  1. Gorgeous photos, here's to making more beautiful memories x