Friday, April 25, 2014

The things I know on FFS Friday

I'm not sure what this is about, but I want it! Coz she's me!
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Diddy has discovered that the mattress on her cot is nice and bouncy. This means, instead of making a little noise when she wakes, she now stands up and jumps while yelling ‘HEY’ until one of us drops everything and rushes to get her. FFS

Not just after daytime naps. At 3am too. FFS

She used to wake and either chat or make a few squawking noises, giving me ample grace period to finish what I was doing, or wake and make a bottle before she amped up to 11. FFS

No more. Farewell calm wakeups. FFS

On Wednesday afternoon, Boo decided she didn’t want me, but she needed her Dad. FFS

This wasn’t an option, as he was at work but we called my Mum to come over. No FFS

Boo decided she was going to stay there so she wasn’t with me. FFS

She successfully refused to go to school. FFS

Then tried to refuse to come home before visitation with her Dad yesterday. FFS

Most of this is happening because she’s sore and sad all of the time. FFS

Her tonsils and adenoids are being removed on Wednesday…No FFS!!

5 more sleeps…FFS

This is the first ANZAC day I haven’t made it to a service. FFS

I’m too tired to wash my own dishes, let alone go out in public. FFS

I’m quietly being respectful at home. FFS

And here’s the things I know this week:
I know I’ve spent far too much on makeup, but it’s better than spending the equivalent on chocolate….and then eating it all.

I know that I've cleaned out the bank accounts paying for winter sports.

I know that if the mini mofo's get two weeks in to winter sports and change their minds that I'll lose mine.

I know that I'm super-blessed that Diddy's daycare providers are flexible enough to change her day around last-minute when I need them to.

I know Boo’s operation is in a city nearly 2hrs away where I have nowhere to stay.

I don’t know, however, what time we need to be there, if she’ll be admitted overnight or if I’ll be allowed to stay. Why? The paperwork that was meant to arrive a week ago is yet to materialise (FFS)!

I know I mustn’t get too upset though – the tonsils are finally coming out!!

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  1. Good luck next week!!

    I am so thankful my baby cannot move yet, I love the cute wake ups!!
    Winter sports are a killer.
    Thanks for linking up!!

  2. Good luck with the upcoming operation. It may be rough for a few days (I've been there myself) but in the long run it should be more than worth it!

  3. Good luck with the op - hopefully it all goes smoothly x