Friday, February 1, 2013

FFS Friday: In Which I Am Bland

 This may be neither interesting, nor funny. I'm blaming the change of weather (33 degrees yesterday, 23 today - it's cold!) and my lack of sleep.

B was home Monday, which I thought meant I’d have some help with post-party cleanup. Instead the day was spent on the sofa watching Fast and Furious movies... No FFS

However, this means my house continues to look like a bunch of preschoolers went feral here...FFS

Packed to the Rafters returned Tuesday with a miscarriage story...FFS

The pregnant woman was 12 weeks...FFS

This aired 12 hours before my 12-week ultrasound...FFS

My tiny person was all good and healthy though...No FFS There!!!

My darling husband managed to come home from work last night with 2 traffic fines for not using a seatbelt and using a mobile phone...FFS

Not even his personal mobile, the work mobile for callouts... FFS

He wasn’t meant to go to work today, he had a day off and he called to check in and was told he was needed...even though it was DEAD QUIET...Oh FFS!!!

Consequently, I now have to find close to $600 to pay said fines...FFS

Woke up this morning to an empty house... No FFS, normally

However, it is my birthday and I would have killed for cuddles from the man and the bubba...FFS

It’s cooled off here today, and I’ve realised I didn’t pack anything warm in O’s bag for her Daddy’s house...FFS

Starting to wonder whether my brain has fallen out completely... FFS

Linking up with the amazing Dear Baby G as always to whinge the frustration away.


  1. Happy Birthday!!!
    My baby brain is really bad with this pregnancy too.
    Boo to horrible pregnancy stories when you are pregnant and hormonal. I have to change stations when stories like that come on, I can't watch them.
    Congratulations on the pregnancy too.

  2. Happy birthday, and hope the scan went well. :)

  3. Happy Birthday!! Seriously do the police not hve better things to do than catch people doing stupid stuff.