Friday, February 15, 2013

FFS Friday: In Which Nothing of Note Happens

Well, it’s that time again, and what a week it’s been! Hooking up with Dear Baby G for a little whine therapy over my first world problems.

I ran myself into the ground this week, maternal guilt and a desperate need for a clean kitchen pushing me out of my armchair and into action... FFS

All this action has pushed me into a fit of fainting and/or spacing out due to lack of blood anywhere near my brain for the remainder of the week, meaning all my housework has been undone...FFS

I FINALLY got a replacement charger for my beloved TouchPad, meaning I can access all the eBooks I ordered then never got to read before I lost the old charger... No FFS There!!
Don't tell, but I may have smooched the parcel when it arrived.

As soon as I snuggled down to read one of these books, O realised what I was doing and bounced up under my chin begging me to let her plan Angry Birds...FFS

Because some days shutting her up is my main aim in life, I let her...FFS
Mini MOFO stole my happy

The TouchPad is on a HP operating system with no access to the educational apps and iPad or Android device would allow, so Angry Birds is the most stimulating thing I can let her play...FFS

I was then informed that ‘Aunty Mel’s iPad is better’, because it has the ‘Monster at the End of This Book’ app...FFS

The weather keeps forecasting storms, which gets me excited, but they never come...FFS

I deliberately don’t hang out any washing in case these storms DO come, so all our laundry is in a pile on the bathroom floor...FFS

Yesterday, I got a weeks’ warning for our latest rental inspection...FFS

Our storage room is waist-height in misplaced crap...FFS

And bedrest means I can’t do much cleaning...FFS

Might start looking for a new house...Oh FFS!!?!

Thanks for coming along for my weekly whinge...What’s been pissing you off this week?


  1. My little ones love Angry Birds too! Our tablet is from Aldi hehehe. It's not too bad!
    Sorry you're not feeling great :(

  2. How can you resist that angelic smile?? I would let her play Angry Birds all day long!!

    1. Lucky she's such a cherub... otherwise she'd never get away with it!!

  3. I have one of those much loved and sought after iPad's. Of course I couldn't tell you how awesome it allegedly is, because I can never get it off the 3 kids or the husband. FFS!?