Thursday, January 17, 2013


Oh hurrah for bed rest. Not.

Went to see the doctor yesterday when my blood pressure dipped to horrible lows. Normally, I just deal with this, it’s part of my life. But I’m in the early stages of a pregnancy (10 weeks, YAY!) and you can’t be too careful so I popped in for a quick visit. I knew exactly what was coming, Doc has been threatening since before the wedding that if I couldn’t calm down I’d be MADE to calm down.

‘You need to lie down for awhile’ says he.
‘Oh, yeah, how long for?’ I’m asking stupid questions, and I’m going to argue.
‘Probably two or three weeks’ Ok, was thinking a few days.... not so happy now.
‘I can’t get into bed and not get out for THREE WEEKS. I have jobs, kids and a life. This weekend is O’s fourth birthday, and her party is next weekend! I can’t just STOP’
‘You can spend up to two hours per day moving gently but nothing too intense’
‘So basically I can walk around my house, maybe do my laundry, but not much else?’
‘Sweet...’ ( note the eye-rolling sarcasm)

But I’ll do it, because if I don’t B will go spastic. Mummy skills challenge is on, managing two kids, a birthday, a slip’n’slide party and 2 jobs. I reckon I can do that. Sure, I have Valentine’s Day shoots prebooked and bar shifts I refuse to give up without a fight. But guess it’s time to work out my priorities.
Wish me luck!

PS I know I've been mentioning the wedding in every second sentence. It was only a week ago. Post is definitely on the way!

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  1. A wedding a week ago AND you're 10 weeks pregnant? Double congratulations! And you must be EXHAUSTED! I think the Dr is right love, put your feet up! x