Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Sneaking Suspicion of a Wifey Transgression

I got so much done this morning!! The entire kitchen is sparkling (except the cabinet doors, O does this for me because she has the height advantage), 2 loads of washing have found their way to my clothesline, a further 2 have been folded and our bedroom resembles a bedroom again, as opposed to a place mess goes to party. 

I got all this done before midday, plus paid some bills and started a list of suitable lunch foods for when O starts big kinder next week and I have to supply food. Makes me realise how spoilt I’ve been with nearly 4 years of food-supplied daycare! 

At midday B came home for lunch, scaring the living bejeezus out of me. I clean with headphones on and listen to podcasts, so I wasn’t aware he was in the house until he walked into the wardrobe and tapped me on the shoulder. Thanks, babe, I needed a heart attack today! So I jumped up to make sure there was edible food in the house, got his lunch together and sat down with him. As I sat, I felt all motivation to do anything leave my body. I listened through yet another tirade about Asshole Coworker (these are getting old, but I am nothing if not a set of ears on legs!) and ate quietly, enjoying having my lovely man home for a little time and seeing him relax. It was only when he got up to head back to work, and I realised that I had no inclination to get up and go back to the floor of my wardrobe, that I started to realise I was pissed. He had come home, made me feel obliged to sit, and now everything I wanted to do, I can’t be buggered with?? I began to resent him, and then I realised how awful that was. I messaged a very close friend, who reminded me about the ‘wife’ in housewife. ‘You didn’t marry the house’. 

I should never resent B, I love that he comes home and sees me. I love being with him, it’s just frustrating to feel the motivation leave my body. But I shouldn’t blame B. The fatigue and my own brain are to blame for that one. Lessons in partnership come in the most surprising ways!


  1. "You didn't marry the house" I LOVE THAT!
    Don't you hate that moment, the one where you feel the motivation slipping away? ;-)
    Love the blog name by the way! xx

    1. Best advice I've had in a long time, Kelly!!